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Parador Hossfeld Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Located midway up Soda Canyon on a steep, southeast-facing amphitheater bowl. - This site has always been the backbone of the Parador Blend.

Very low-yielding, small berry fruit with tough skins. Meticulously farmed by Lucia Hossfeld for maximum quality, not quantity from 30+ year-old vines.

This unique vineyard site is located on a steep, terraced south-facing hillside that is filled with decomposing volcanic rock.

This terroir, while different from the stony soils of Bordeaux, result with Cabernet, a similar graphite-herbal bouquet and gripping tannic acidity.

Our long elevage aging lasts for 30 months in barrel before bottling, in order to develop a complex bouquet and flavors.

The resulting wine is supple with nicely developed earthen-fruit flavors. Deep ruby red color hue. The body of the wine becomes expansive in the mouth, with no interference of oak flavors to change the make-up of the fruit / tannin structure. The bouquet is reminiscent of plums, violets, stones and minerals.

5 barrels produced (112 cases)


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